Kochi, Bengaluru begin Metro ride

Kochi, Bengaluru begin Metro ride

The first phase of Metro network for Kochi and a new line for Bengaluru was inaugurated on Saturday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kerala’s commercial capital and President Pranab Mukherjee in India’s tech hub, respectively.

However, the journey both cities took to build their respective transport system was starkly different. The 13.26 km network with 11 stations in the first phase took 45 months for Kochi, well within the projected timeline. In contrast, Bengaluru took 12 years — missing several deadlines. The 42.3-km long first phase took a long time to complete as a 8 km underground network in its rocky terrain had to be built. A 6.7 km phase was opened in instalments since 2014, giving its citizens a taste of the Metro system, which the city desperately needs to unclog the roads. Read more


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