LED Bulbs usage to help India save Rs 1.25 crores : PM Modi

LED Bulbs usage to help India save Rs 1.25 crores : PM Modi

From the success of LED programme with the distribution of over 13 crore LED bulbs to an incredible pace of village electrification at over 10,000 to the un-precedented increase in the pace of solar power capacity addition by 116%, India has done it all.

Stating that this is not only a substantial incremental change but a huge leap forward, Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of his Independence Day address lauded the efforts of Union minister of state for ​power, coal, mines and RE, Piyush Goyal for smoothly achieving the challenges and targets set for him and his team at the ministry of power and renewable energy.

“We intend to enhance the things in quantum way,” PM Modi said while noting that there has been a 40% jump in wind power capacity addition in the past one year and 116% in solar power capacity over the past two years.

“We have laid emphasis on energy, specifically renewable energy in our country. There was a time, when after so many years of independence, we started working on wind energy. Within a period of last one year we have increased it up to 40%. So this is the scale of up acceleration.”

When the whole world is focussing on Solar energy, Modi said India has “increased it approximately 116%-118%. This is not only a substantial incremental change, it’s a huge leap forward.”

The energy-efficient LED bulb that use to cost Rs 350 in India is being sold today at Rs 50 and the reduction of Rs 300 is not coming from the government’s coffers as subsidy but through the government’s “pay as you save” scheme.

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Stating that the politics and economy of the country are drafted to serve the public better, Modi said 13 crore LED bulbs have already been distributed and the government has resolved to distribute 77 crores, which would save the nation Rs 1.25 crores.

“You can save 125000 crore rupees of the country by using a LED bulb at your home.”

“I would like to appeal to my countrymen to use LED bulbs in their homes and save 200, 300, 500 Rupees in a year and save energy and save our environment. The day we achieve the target of 77 crore bulbs, we would be saving 20 thousand Mega Watt of electricity. When we save 20000 Megawatt electricity, it means we save around 125000 crores rupees,” said PM Modi.

Modi said even a common man can contribute to these savings. By saving 20,000 mw electricity, The PM said India can fight against global warming and contribute a lot towards the efforts aimed at the protection of environment and a common man can also contribute to it.

He added that with distribution of LED bulbs crossing 13 crore in India, consumers are saving anywhere between Rs 200-500 a year on their electricity bills besides the savings on electricity consumption.

“If Rs 300 subsidy for each bulb had been given from public exchequer, the Prime Minister would have been applauded for doling out Rs 500 crore to the people. But we have ensured that they save thousands of crores by providing bulbs at only Rs 50.. the bulb (LED) which used to be sold at Rs 350, it is now being sold at Rs 50 because of governmental intervention. See the difference! Rs 350 on one hand and Rs 50 Rupees on the other. I do not want to ask where all this money used to go, however, thirteen crore bulbs have been distributed till date.” He added.

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Under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP), the government procures LED bulbs through competitive bidding and provides the bulbs to consumers at competitive rates. This has led to bringing down of cost of LED bulbs.

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