Let’s Keep The Renewables Story Going

Let’s Keep The Renewables Story Going

The world has recognised and accepted India’s policy leadership and commitment to live in harmony with nature, by conferring United Nations’ environmental award on our prime minister. The award underlines the inherent strength of the Indian value system, wherein the virtues of protecting the ecosystem and propagating the environment are deeply engrained.

India’s green energy mission, a true reflection of the virtues of the Indian value system, has seen astonishing progress not only in terms of the quantum, but also in terms of price discovery, becoming a critical tool to achieve 24×7 reliable power. It is imperative that the gains made through competitive bidding regime in renewable generation be delivered to the bottom of pyramid by translating these to low cost and reliable energy.

While all moves are indicating positive progression, there is a lurking feeling that these gains in generation may erode quickly if we don’t ensure that competitive spirit prevails across the complete value chain of energy delivery. Read more

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