Mahametro Gets Advanced Possession Of 16 Hectares

Mahametro Gets Advanced Possession Of 16 Hectares

The MahaMetro Rail Corporation has received advanced possession of 50% of government land for metro corridors. The corporation has initiated steps for possession of remaining land to ensure that project does not face any hurdle in future.

Around 44 hectares are needed for rail corridors. Of the total land, 32 hectares are owned by government agencies. The MahaMetro has received possession of 16 hectares of land so far,” Brijesh Dixit, managing director, Maha Metro, said on Thursday.

The corporation recently received possession of about 13 hectares belonging to the College of Agriculture for Range Hills depot and about 2 hectares held by a foodgrain godown at Shivajinagar for the civic court station. Smaller plots at Phugewadi, Peshwe Energy Park and at PMC Sahyog Kedra are also in its possession. For an afforestation initiative, the corporation has received 10 hectares at Pachgaon Parvati and 2 hectares at Akurdi.  Read More…

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