Mature Economies Accept Dependence On Coal-sourced Energy

Mature Economies Accept Dependence On Coal-sourced Energy

The rhetoric on turning the world into renewable energy-run planet is gradually going up in thin air. Many nations including matured economies are waking up to a renewed dependency on coal-sourced energy. Despite the persistent green lobbying, policy makers across the globe have gradually accepted that the viability of coal-heavy energy mix remains unchallenged.

Whether it was Donald Trump’ infamous pull out from the Paris Accord or the much recent comments made by Angus Taylor, Australia’s new energy minister, the global dependency on coal is inevitable.

Talking on the existing government inclination towards renewable energy, Taylor said that he will fix this “mess”, with “one aim only: to reduce power prices while keeping the lights on”. Even China, one of the leading coal producers and largest importers of coal, have demonstrated only limited slowdown in its coal-based capacity addition. Read more

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