Metro May Derail Cabbie Dream Run

Metro May Derail Cabbie Dream Run

If the Metro chugs into the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, it will cut short the dream run of unscrupulous cab drivers, who have been taking passengers landing at the airport, especially those arriving on late night flights, for a ride.

“Extending the Metro rail to Shamshabad will solve the travel woes of passengers,” said transportation expert Prof C S R K Prasad, who has carried out several transportation related studies.

Enquiries have revealed that drivers operating on apps like Ola and Uber form a clique and create an artificial scarcity by making themselves unavailable on these apps.Instead they operate independently and agree to ply only if passengers agree to cough up higher fares – which could be as high as three times what the passenger would otherwise pay to reach his destination in the city from the airport. Read More…

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