Ministry vies to put rail varsity on ‘institution of eminence’ list

Ministry vies to put rail varsity on ‘institution of eminence’ list

Days before the National Rail and Transport University (NRTU) is set to commence classes for its first batch from August 1 this year, the Ministry of Railways is already vying to put the country’s first rail university on the list of elite institutions, in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to develop it as an ‘institution of eminence.’

During a meeting with the Railway Board last month, the PM said the rail university should be developed as an ‘institution of eminence’ – one of the top 20 Indian higher education centres – so that it was on the list of top 500 institutes globally within 10 years, and among top 100 eventually.

According to sources, the PM was informed at the meet that the Ministry of Railways was already preparing to present its case on the matter before the University Grant Commission’s empowered expert committee (EEC), which is tasked to select 10 public and 10 private institutes to be developed as ‘institutions of eminence.’ The UGC has already assessed the infrastructure preparedness on the ground, sources in Vadodara told The Indian Express. Read More

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