Motorman Blacks Out, Falls Off Train

Motorman Blacks Out, Falls Off Train

Passengers aboard the 37913 Howrah-Katwa local had a close shave on Monday when the engine’s motorman fell unconscious, bringing the train to an abrupt halt in West Bengal’s Burdwan district. Sources said the train was just 7 km away from the last station, Katwa, when motorman I Halder, 45, lost consciousness and fell onto the track, which caused serious injuries to his head. The train remained stationary for nearly two hours, following which some passengers deboarded their coaches and spotted the driver.

Halder was subsequently taken to Katwa on an e-rickshaw and admitted to a hospital. After the accident, railway officials sent another motorman and guard to complete the rest of the journey.

“It is possible that the motorman fell ill and went to the door where he lost consciousness and fell. He was moved to the Katwa hospital by guard B Ram and some passengers, where he received 12 stitches to his head. He was shifted to the Eastern Railway’s BR Singh Hospital in Sealdah where his condition is serious but ‘stable’, a senior railway official said, adding that the an investigation has been ordered. Read More…

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