Mumbai Local Losing Its Sheen To Metro

Mumbai Local Losing Its Sheen To Metro

The Mumbai local may have lost its track to success so to speak. It seems that the new kid on the block, the Metro rail, has taken the limelight from the local which ferries nearly 78 lakh commuters daily.

One of the biggest and costliest projects of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)-3A could be the last venture for Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) as far as executing railway projects in Mumbai and its metropolitan region is concerned as the future of local trains is being replaced by the Metro rail, which is being developed on a big scale.

The umbrella project of MUTP-3A comprising of 14 components, and amounting to Rs 55,000 crore is already being considered a monetary drain. The Indian Railways and the state government are sharing the cost equally. It is known among the power corridors that, both Indian Railways and Maharashtra government see the suburban local trains as a burden. Read more

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