N-power Could Fuel Mr Modi’s Dream

N-power Could Fuel Mr Modi’s Dream

On the eve of 28 April 2018, Prime Minister Modi declared the electrification of 600,000 villages across India, hours after the last village in Manipur was officially added to the national grid. This was a monumental goal for Modi, who pledged in August 2015 to electrify all Indian villages within 1,000 days. While Prime Minister Modi and his cabinet take credit for achieving this “historic moment in the development journey of India,” as Modi tweeted, the reality is that millions still live in darkness and the government continues to provide falsified information.

The Government claims to have electrified all villages across India, but they disregard the realities of millions of Indians. The International Energy Agency, in 2015, published a Special Report regarding India’s Energy Outlook, where they estimated over 240 million Indians living without electricity.

The Indian Government considers a village electrified if at least 10 per cent of households and if all public buildings such as schools, health centres, community centres and village councils have access to electricity. By definition, up to 90 per cent of a village can be left in darkness, while it is still classified as an “electrified village.” Read More

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