We Need Adani Mine In Queensland: Hanson

We Need Adani Mine In Queensland: Hanson

One Nation senator Pauline Hanson says the Adani Coal Mine ‘will bring hope to Queensland’ and create thousands more jobs.

Speaking to SKY NEWS during Paul Murray Live, filmed out of Townsville, the Senator told the audience Queenslanders need the mine.

‘The mine will create directly 1462 jobs and 105000 indirectly,’ she said.

‘I have no problems with it going ahead. I have travelled around the state extensively, towns are dying. There are no jobs. Our kids have no future. We have kids on drugs, on ice because there’s no hope for them whatsoever.’

Senator Hanson said the project needs to be properly managed in a way which will provide jobs for the state.

‘We don’t have anything else going. We have lost our industries, our manufacturing and small businesses are shutting down.’

She added that the scare of the mine destroying the environment and the reef has been ‘a load of hogwash’ that has been pushed by the Greens.

‘Adani has gone through the environmental law courts and regulations. We need it here.’

‘Coal mining is a resource we have. We have the best clean coal in the country and we are looking at India who want to export the coal so that their people can get out of the poverty and live to the standards we have here.’

This comes just a day after Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk again ruled out financial support for the Adani coal mine.

Reports out of India suggest Adani is struggling to raise the final $2 billion for the $16.5 billion project, with local banks there reluctant to increase the company’s already high debt.

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Adani insists its Carmichael mine is ready to go and it isn’t worried about securing the funding.

Despite previously pushing the project as a valuable jobs generator, the premier on Tuesday said her government would not consider giving any loans to Adani to get the project over the line.

‘My government has always said that it is a matter for Adani to get the finance. This is a private investment.’ Ms Palaszczuk said.

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