New Trains Will Take The Pain Out Of Commuting

New Trains Will Take The Pain Out Of Commuting

Every morning and afternoon, commuter trains leave stations around South Africa to take workers to their places of employment or bring them home.

But in most cases, these trips are nothing less than stressful. Trains operated by the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa) subsidiary, Metrorail, are not in good condition. Introduced to the country in 1976 and subsequently refurbished to keep them moving, many are past their shelf life. The consequences are trains that keep breaking down, poor signalling and old station infrastructure.

It is not uncommon to see trains on our urban lines packed to the rafters, with commuters hanging out of doors and windows, and even some daredevils risking their lives to ride on top. Frustrated commuters have at times taken to torching trains, angry at constantly arriving at their workplaces late because of delays. While this has to be condemned in the strongest of terms, what cannot be denied is that the Metrorail network is crumbling. Read More…

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