No major rise in LPG rates but auto operators increase fares

No major rise in LPG rates but auto operators increase fares

After buses and taxis, autos, too, have started revising fares. The hike is by Re1for the first stage and much higher for travelling subsequent distances. But, according to many, this revision of fare is not quite justified, given that the price of auto LPG—the fuel used for the vehicles—has not seen any significant rise, unlike that of petrol and diesel.

In fact, the current auto LPG price is less than what it was at the beginning of the year, after an up-and-down graph.

On January 1, the auto LPG price was Rs 43.62 a litre. Since then, the rate kept dipping to Rs 39.55 a litre but on June 1, it again rose by Rs 2.35 to become Rs 41.9 per litre.

“Encouraged by the bus fare hike, auto operators are citing this Rs 2.35 hike to raise their fares, completely disregarding the successive dips in between,” said Arunabha Ghosh Dastidar, a transport economist. “The revision of the fare is not justified.”

He pointed out that auto fares were not decided by the government, but by the trade union affiliated to the ruling party. “As a result, the fare rises are arbitrary,” he said. Read More

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