No power cut data = no compensation to users

No power cut data = no compensation to users

Citizens in many parts of the city faced not only water shortage this summer but had a difficult time due to several power failures. Despite spending crores on power infrastructure, both MSEDCLand its franchisee SNDL failed to prevent breakdowns.

The apathy of these companies towards breakdowns is evident from the fact that they don’t even bother to maintain record of power interruptions. MSEDCL records only breakdowns at substation level while SNDL keeps a tab of major breakdowns. However, power failures affecting small number of consumers are simply not recorded.

Activists claim that the discoms are using this strategy to avoid paying compensation to the consumers in the event of power outages beyond a certain time limit.

According to SNDL record, there were 96 major breakdowns between April 1 and May 14 in its area. MSEDCL doesn’t even have this figure. Read More

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