No more power shortage in state, says MSEB official

No more power shortage in state, says MSEB official

The state is now equipped to meet the demand of 2,8000MW and will no longer have to face shortage of electricity, Vishwas Pathak, the director of Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) Holding Company, said on Friday.

He said various agencies were supporting the power utility meet the demand. Presently, the peak hour requirement is 25,000MW.

During the peak hours, the MSEDCL was able to provide 25,000MW compared to the 18,000MW in 2014. “Even after six months if there is a requirement to increase the supply, we are ready to do so,” he said, putting to rest any fears of load shedding in the immediate future.

He recounted two instances where the MSEDCL was put through a test by the demand and supply requirements — in March 2017, the demand escalated to 23,700 MW and last month it went up to 24,900 MW. Read More

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