Oil companies offer subsidy to dealers to install solar rooftop systems

Oil companies offer subsidy to dealers to install solar rooftop systems
The three state-owned oil marketing companies (OMCs) are on a solarisation spree, to reduce “consumption of hydrocarbon fuels” and “improve public perception” of themselves.

They are offering a subsidy to their cooking gas (LPG) and motor fuel pump dealers to install solar rooftop systems at their units. There are close to 50,000 petrol/diesel outlets in the country and around 18,000 LPG distributors.
Of the three, Indian Oil has set an initial target of solarising 5,000 locations in 2018.

“Solarisation has manifold advantages as a source of energy in our retail network. It is not only a green alternative for power generation vis-à-vis the traditional DG (diesel generator) sets but leads to reduced consumption of hydrocarbon fuels and lowers carbon footprints,” goes a circular issued by the OMCs to its dealers, reviewed by Business Standard.

Also, that such a move would send a positive message to customers about their “marketing channels and commitment to the environment, thus boosting the public perception of the corporation as a responsible business entity”.

The OMCs have also enlisted regional suppliers of solar power systems. Dealers have been mandated to take the latter’s services to avail of the subsidy, which is 55-65 per cent of the cost. A solar rooftop system costs Rs 300,000-1,100,000 with battery back-up and Rs 250,000-900,000 without this.


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