OPINION: The power of cool – Going beyond 24° celsius

OPINION: The power of cool – Going beyond 24° celsius

The government has advised manufacturers of air conditioners to set the default temperature on their machines at 24° C. India is projected to have an air conditioning load of at least 200 gigawatts by 2030. Therefore, an initiative to rein in the energy spent on cooling makes eminent sense.

The current move is only the beginning of a sensible campaign, however. Whatever the default setting, it just takes the flick of a button on the remote for consumers to change their AC temperature. Rather than manufacturers of ACs, the object of the energy conservation campaign must be the consumer. And, more pertinently, building codes and, yes, dress codes.

A poorly insulated building will consume more power to maintain the temperature at 24° C than a well-insulated one. The GRIHA rating of energy efficiency for buildings takes into account process, as well as structure, the target of LEED green rating.

Homegrown GRIHA must be popularised and find its way into building codes. Using direct-current motors for AC compressors can save energy when ACs run on solar power. Read More

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