Part 2 on The Discom Perspective of Solar. Solutions

Part 2 on The Discom Perspective of Solar. Solutions

Continuing from Part 1 of the analysis yesterday, we move to part 2 today, on the solutions discoms have proposed.

In part 1 of our analysis of the report ” Solar Rooftop-The Discom Perspective”, we shared with you the key issues flagged by multiple discoms across India , when it comes to their relationship with the growth of solar rooftops. But discoms do suggest a few solutions too. Will these be enough? Or will it take a lot more to help the market hit its potential? Lets find out. Keep in mind that the solutions come from the perspective of a collective of firms (discoms) that owe generation firms almost Rs 70,000 crores in June ‘2019, of which over Rs 51,000 crores was overdue.

Thus, one of the most interesting suggestions is for a move towards gross metering, instead of net metering. Gross-metering with a moderate feed-in-tariff is the suggested ideal arrangement over net-metering for a well developed solar rooftop market, Read More

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