Petrol prices continue to drop

Petrol prices continue to drop

Fuel prices across Telangana petrol bunks have seen a dip. On October 9, petrol per litre fell by 87 paisa while diesel fell by one rupee. The steady decrease in fuel prices in the last one week is a result of a constant reduction in global crude oil. In days to come, the prices are likely to drop by a rupee, say retailers in the state.

Nine days ago, petrol cost stood at Rs 78. 93 and a steady decline was observed in the last eight days. The price per litre fell to Rs 78.07 on Wednesday, while diesel which cost Rs 73.22 per litre dropped to Rs 72. 68, a difference of one rupee. Major cities like Mumbai and Delhi have also registered decrease in the costs of both substances.

This has come as a major relief as prices across all metro cities were registering a steep high in September, following the drone attack on Saudi oil facilities. Read More

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