Plants light up LED Bulbs, to roll out a ‘Green’ sustainable power

Plants light up LED Bulbs, to roll out a ‘Green’ sustainable power

Italian Scientists have developed ways to generate power with living plants for lighting up LED bulbs, providing a “green” solution of sustainable power. The research was done by the team of roboticists and biologists at IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Pontedera in Pisa, Italy with the results published on Advanced Functional Materials.

The research, led by Fabian Meder, discovered that living plants can generate more than 150 Volts by a single leaf, which is enough to simultaneously power 100 LED light bulbs. Researchers also showed that a “hybrid tree” made of natural and artificial leaves can act as an innovative “green” electrical generator converting wind into electricity.

Based at Center for Micro-Bio Robotics (CMBR) of IIT in Pontedera, Italy, the research team aims to develop innovative methodologies, robotic technologies and new materials with the inspiration of the natural world.

In the last study, the research team studied plants and showed that leaves can create electricity when they are touched by a distinct material or by the wind. Read More

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