PM Modi says Karnataka’s renewable energy capacity doubled in 4 years

PM Modi says Karnataka’s renewable energy capacity doubled in 4 years

Ahead of the upcoming Karnataka assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the state’s renewable energy capacity work has doubled in the past four years. He was interacting with party workers in the state through the NaMo app to motivate their morale.

“In Karnataka, after we came to power, Rs 17,000 crore was given to the state to construct national highways. During UPA rule, they did not construct even 1,000 kilometers of road. But we did more than 1,500 kilometers of road. People talk about climate change and global warming. During Congress rule, in four years, 2,000 MW of renewable energy was generated. In four years, we have doubled the work to 7,800 MW. Even solar energy, it’ll help the poorest of the poor. In Karnataka, the government did not tap solar energy,” he said.

The PM said the BJP has always given precedence to development over politics and with this focus, the party fight elections and runs the government. “BJP has given precedence to development over politics. With this in focus, we fight elections, run the government. I know earlier government used to avoid talking about development because it is measurable. You have to fight lies, manipulation. In such times, workers must not get frazzled. We have to move forward on the issues important to us,” the Prime Minister said. Read More

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