PM Modi’s Saubhagya scheme powered universal electrification

PM Modi’s Saubhagya scheme powered universal electrification

We have set an ambitious goal for ourselves—the goal of providing access to 24×7 electricity for all in the country. Access to electricity here represents not only the connectivity to the network but also includes availability of requisite infrastructure across the power sector value chain to ensure supply of quality and reliable electricity.

And we are well on our way to achieving our goal. And the scale of the transition is such as has not been seen anywhere in the world.

The country achieved 100% village electrification on April 28, 2018, a major landmark towards universal electrification.

It was not merely connecting the remaining 18,500 odd villages to the electricity network but the reaching out to the poorest of poor who had remained in darkness for more than 70 years after independence.  Read More

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