PM’s renewable pitch ignores existing power capacity

PM’s renewable pitch ignores existing power capacity

During an interactive session at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in September, Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced a dilemma on the issue of clean energy versus coal-based power.

Even as Modi reiterated his commitment to rapidly promote the use of renewable energy solar, wind, bio-mass, small hydro (India has more than doubled its original goal of having power capacity on renewable from 175 GW by 2022 to 450 GW by 2030)— he was confronted by the Bloomberg CEO Michael Bloomberg on what plans he had with regard to use of coal which has been the biggest polluter (India has the third-largest reserves of coal in the world and currently, about 54% of generation capacity is based on its use).

Fully conscious of the adverse implications of coal use for the environment in terms of emissions and carbon footprint, Modi wriggled out of the dilemma by stressing on the need to change processes for mining coal as also the use of environment-friendly technologies such as ‘coal gasification’ to develop clean energy. Read more

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