As Pollution Level Rises, Report On Clean Fuel Revived

As Pollution Level Rises, Report On Clean Fuel Revived

Two months after it rejected an environmental management plan prepared by IIT Roorkee, the district pollution control board has decided to revive the plan as the air pollution level has reached an alarming level in the district.

The interim report had suggested replacement of fossil fuel-based autorickshaws and buses with e-rickshaws and CNG buses. It had also suggested that solid fuel being used in industries needed to be replaced by cleaner fuels such as CNG and LPG. The pollution board had, however, rejected the interim report and had stated that the data used in the report was old and had been borrowed from earlier studies and hence “unimplementable.”

However, with air pollution level reaching an alarming proportion yet again, the board is ready to revive the report and push for some measures suggested. “We now intend to take at least two suggestions seriously. However, the conversion to clean fuel is not going to happen overnight. However, at least a start in this direction could be made as early as possible,” said an official. Read more

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