A power boost for the State

A power boost for the State

The Edamon-Kochi 400 kV transmission line has turned out to be a big boost to the State power sector. With the completion of the Edamon-Kochi power highway, power can be transmitted to Kerala from any part of India through the 400 kV network.

Talking to The Hindu, George Mathew, project manager of a special task force set up by the Kerala State Electricity Board, said the commissioning of the 400 kV power transmission network had increased the State’s power import capability by 800 MW. It was a foolproof alternative in the event of any contingency in the Udumalpet- Palakkad- Thrissur- Kochi corridor.

Through 4 districts

The 148-km Edamon-Kochi line has 447 towers and passes through Kollam (22 km), Pathanamthitta (47 km), Kottayam (51 km), and Ernakulam (28 km).

Mr. Mathew said Kerala was entitled to 266 MW from the Kudankulam nuclear power station having an installed capacity of 2,000 MW. Read more

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