Power Minister Nilesh Cabral vows 24×7 power supply in Goa

Power Minister Nilesh Cabral vows 24×7 power supply in Goa

Power minister Nilesh Cabral, who was inducted into the state cabinet on Monday, said that power is what everybody is complaining about, and that “if not 24 hours a day supply, I will try for 23 hours a day on an immediate basis and over time, make it 24”. The Curchorem MLA, a first time minister, said that underground cabling is among his top priorities so that power theft can be stopped.

Cabral told TOI that supply isn’t the only problem, but the incoming power also “is a failure”. He said that it would take him some time to stabilise the system. “One thing I can promise is that there will be a fixed time (frame) within which the department takes up repair works, and not whenever they want,” he said.

He also said that he would “sit with industrialists” to discuss 24×7 power. “If required, we will buy more power, and that will not be at the cost of the common people,” he said. He said that he would focus on areas where pumping of water takes place, so that people aren’t deprived of water and then “blame the power department for it”.

Cabral, who has been in the forefront of the mining issue, said, “Being in the cabinet will not make a difference to me”. Remarking that resumption of mining is not a state subject but a central one, he said, “I think the assembly has already decided (on the issue) and I was instrumental in bringing the private member’s resolution. Read more

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