Power, motor fuel hike to pinch consumers hard

Power, motor fuel hike to pinch consumers hard

It was a blacker than usual black Monday for citizens of the state as they were handed a financial double whammy — an increase in prices of petrol and diesel and a hike in electricity bills.

The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has approved an increase in power charges ranging from 20 paise to 60 paise per unit under different categories. Fixed charges have also undergone an upward revision — from Rs 5 per unit to Rs 10 for low tension (LT) connections, generally used by domestic consumers apart from others. The hike comes in with retrospective effect from April 1.

The increase means an urban household that consumes up to 300 units per month will now have to pay Rs 79 more for energy charges (see table). This excludes fixed charges and taxes. The amount will vary depending on usage slabs specified by different supply companies (Escoms). Read More

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