How to power up Tamil Nadu’s solar policy

How to power up Tamil Nadu’s solar policy

Tamil Nadu announced a new Solar Policy in February 2019. The policy aims at a State-wide capacity of 9,000 MW by 2023, of which, 5,400 MW is expected to come from the utility category (Central government schemes, preferential sale to Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company or TANGEDCO, wheeling and Renewable Energy Certificate- based projects), and the remaining 3,600 MW from the consumer side (on-site solar).

Tamil Nadu’s previous Solar Policy, in 2012, envisaged a capacity addition of 3,000 MW to be added by 2015. However, this target was not achieved in 2015, and even as on January 1, 2019, the State had only achieved a total installed capacity of 2,431 MW of solar energy, which is about 81 per cent of the 2015 target.

In the 2019 policy, one expected the government to address some of the challenges experienced with the 2012 policy. The thrust of the new policy remains on additions to the utility category of solar projects where large-scale solar producers sell their produced power to (a) the utility (TANGEDCO) for a gross feed-in tariff Read More

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