Power Tariff Set For EV Charging Stations in Chandigarh

Power Tariff Set For EV Charging Stations in Chandigarh

Boosting the business side of adopting electric vehicles at various commercial and residential complexes, JERC has fixed a tariff plan for EV charging stations in Chandigarh. In its latest order, the regulatory commission has fixed Rs 4 per unit and Rs 100 as a fixed monthly charge on electricity bill for the charging stations.

Recently, the UT electricity department of Chandigarh, in its power tariff petition, had proposed a tariff plan for such stations, which the administration plans to set up in different parts of the city. Earlier, the UT electricity department had proposed Rs 5 per unit in the slab of 0-150 units; Rs 5.30 and Rs 5.60 per unit for 151-400 units and above 400 units, respectively. However, the commission did not fix slab-wise tariff and rather went in for a fixed Rs 4 per unit.

The Central government has already framed a National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, which aims at promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. Read more

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