POWERGRID Commissions 765 KV Double Circuit Bhuj-Banaskantha Transmission Line

POWERGRID Commissions 765 KV  Double Circuit Bhuj-Banaskantha Transmission Line

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POWERGRID has commissioned 765 kV Double Circuit Bhuj-Banaskantha Transmission Line on 5th January, 2019 as part of country’s first Green Energy Corridor under Green Energy Corridors-I: Inter-State Transmission Scheme Part-C.

This line traverses through difficult terrains was constructed and commissioned under severe difficult conditions.

This prestigious project of national importance was entrusted to POWERGRID by Government of India to facilitate renewable energy from wind/solar rich Kutch region of Gujarat to Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi etc. in northern and western region initially to the tunes of 5000 MW with the investment of Rs. 2250 Cr.

Under Green Energy Corridors, this transmission system consisting of setup of 765/400/220 kV Sub-Station at Bhuj connecting to another sub-station at 765/400 kV Banaskantha and 400/220 kV Sankari in Gujarat.

Further, this system will connect to 765/400/220 kV Chittorgarh for onward transmission of power.

This system is further being strengthened by Government to transmit 20000 MW of renewable power from wind/solar rich Kutch area to all over country enabling renewal energy developers to trade throughout the country even to neighbouring countries.

In view of high importance of this transmission system, Prime Minister himself reviewed the construction of such a high-capacity power transmission system of national importance periodically.

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