Price hike prompts KSRTC to focus on fuel efficiency

Price hike prompts KSRTC to focus on fuel efficiency

At a time when the State Road Transport Undertakings (SRTUs) are facing a financial crisis due to steep rise in diesel prices, KSRTC is making efforts to increase fuel efficiency of its buses.

In 2017-18, KSRTC managed to save more than 3 lakh litres of diesel compared to 99,373 litres in 2016-17. The increased mileage of KSRTC buses has also resulted in savings of Rs 59.73 lakh and Rs 1.68 crore in 2016-17 and 2017-18, respectively.

In times of crisis, making every drop count is a wise survival trick that KSRTC has adopted. Instead of waiting for the government to bail it out of the financial mess, it has devised a strategy by training drivers on ways to maximise fuel efficiency and rewarding them for their contribution.

That it’s reaping the benefits — saving over 3 lakh litres of diesel in 2017-18 and increasing mileage of buses—is a lesson for other ailing road transport corporations hit hard by steep rise in diesel prices. Self-help is often the best help. Read More

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