Price rising, but diesel still way cheaper than petrol

Price rising, but diesel still way cheaper than petrol

Pune The price gap between petrol and diesel has been steadily narrowing over the years, more so in the recent past. Diesel prices have begun to jump sharply since the turn of the year. On January 1, 2018, the retail price of diesel in Pune was approximately Rs 62.36/ litre. Petrol price increase, in comparison, has been more moderate. On Friday, the retail price of petrol was Rs 81.80/litre, while diesel was selling at Rs 68.37/litre.

The retail fuel price inflation year-on-year as calculated in Pune has gone up almost identically by 12% for both the fuels as on April 20, 2018. This means that the difference between the prices of diesel and petrol is Rs 13.43/ litre, compared to Rs 12/litre a year ago.

“The retail price of both petrol and diesel is almost double of the landing cost at pumps. The government can, at least, do away with double taxation by reducing the cesses , already charged under VAT and Central excise duty,” said a top official of a regional petroleum dealers’ association. Read More

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