Probe sabotage of Vande Bhart Express production: Official

Probe sabotage of Vande Bhart Express production: Official

The fundamental purpose of a vigilance probe in connection with sourcing of items for the Vande Bharat Express/Train 18 is to sabotage India”s own semi-high speed train which itself needs to be probed, a senior Indian Railways official has said.

In a letter to Railway Board Chairman V.K. Yadav, the Chief Administrative Officer in Rail Wheel Plant, Bihar, Shubhranshu, says of the vigilance probe that “the purpose seems to be to sabotage the indigenous train for ever and to kill initiative. The intent behind such ”fixing of officers” and creating terror is well understood.”

As a builder of Vande Bharat Express and a concerned Indian citizen, Shubhranshu demanded a vigilance enquiry into the sabotage of Vande Bharat Express, the air conditioned electric multiple units and mainline electric multiple unit.

He noted that nothing incriminating had come out in the vigilance probe that started six months back on the procedural violations in component procurement for rolling out Train 18 in a record 18 months. Read More

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