PSPCL Units Shut As Power Coming From Private Plants

PSPCL Units Shut As Power Coming From Private Plants

As power demand in the ongoing winter season nosedives, the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has shut all its thermal power plants, and is now relying on private plants for which it pays fixed charges.

However, this alleged over-dependence on the private players means the state corporation is under-utilising its resources, allege power engineers.

“The vicious circle that power engineers had cautioned against during signing of the purchase agreements with power players, has now been proven. Our state-owned units were best in India, and now we are not operating. That is to save the fixed cost, which the PSPCL has to anyway pay to private plants, whether or not it purchases power,” said a senior engineer who did not want to be named.

Overall, since November all the three thermal plants of the PSPCL are in shutdown mode, while private sector units at Rajpura and Talwandi Sabo are operational. Read More…

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