We Are Quite Ready To Accept The Challenge Of Electric Vehicles: Baba Kalyani, Bharat Forge

We Are Quite Ready To Accept The Challenge Of Electric Vehicles: Baba Kalyani, Bharat Forge

Change is a common factor in our kind of business. It is clear that the change is happening faster in terms of technology than it is to happen before but we are ready. We are quite ready to accept the challenge of change and align ourselves to change that is taking place as far as electric vehicles are concerned.

When do you think the commercial launch of electric trucks will happen? As of now, Tesla is sharing proof of concept more than showcasing the truck. They are showcasing their battery and the engineering technology. Ultimately, the vehicle has to be commercially viable and it has to go through a process of commercial viability?

Let me answer that question in two parts. First, every truck maker whether it is Daimler or Volvo, whether it is Navistar or Iveco, Scania all of them have showcased electric trucks over the last two years. Two years ago, during the Las Vegas show, everybody had this technology. The second part of my answer is that the first application of this technology is going to go to vehicles that transport products for delivery like UPS, DHL and people like that. Whether they just have a point to point delivery and that market has already been electric for the last 15 years. So electric technology is nothing very new in the truck business today. It has been there for a long period of time. The US post has been running electric vehicles for many years. UPS, DHL and many other service providers who do courier service or delivery service are going to move to electric. I think the first move will be in that area. The last move will be on highway class 8 trucks. Read More…

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