Rail Track Found Damaged In Guj; Sabotage Suspected

Rail Track Found Damaged In Guj; Sabotage Suspected

An alert railway patrolman averted a possible mishap when he spotted a damaged track on the Ahmedabad-Patan section in Gujarat today.

According to Railway officials, a portion of the track was removed by unidentified persons last night in a bid to cause derailment.

“(A joint of the rail track) near Dharewara on the Ahmedabad-Patan section was tampered with by some unidentified miscreants during night time to cause derailment,” a Western Railway PRO said.

A piece of the track was found cut and some elastic rail clips that are used to fix tracks were also found removed, the official said.

The incident came to light in the wee hours today when patrolman Ishwer Nariya spotted the damaged rail track, he said, adding that necessary action was taken to avert any mishap.

The speed of trains plying on the section was reduced as a precautionary measure, he said.

The patrolman will be awarded for showing alertness, he said.

The Railway Police are investigating the incident. Read More

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