Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani Braves Freezing Weather, Goes On Mid-night Patrolling Duty

Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani Braves Freezing Weather, Goes On Mid-night Patrolling Duty

Indian Railways takes it very seriously when it comes to safety and security and this was proved by the Chairman of Railway Board, Ashwani Lohani. Lohani on a chilly Saturday night took to the tracks between Delhi and Rewari and conducted in-person patrolling duty on the route. In freezing temperatures, Lohani took a first-hand look at the challenges faced by the patrolmen, even down to the ground level track inspection. Lohani was accompanied by just the beat patrolmen on Delhi-Rewari section.

The Railway monitoring team works round-the-clock to monitor train operations especially during foggy weather conditions near the capital and across North India. Lohani’s safety inspection was conducted in order to boost the morale and pride of the track-inspection teams as well as keep them on their toes.

Showing his concern for the welfare of patrolmen & supervisors, while interacting with them, he minutely examined their safety equipment, protective clothing, boots, fluorescent jackets and passed certain instructions:

(1) Instead of overcoats, good quality jackets be supplied preferably yearly as against overcoat once in 3 years,
(2) Supplying good quality industrial boots by procurement, over & above the uniform allowance.
(3) Supplying high-intensity chargeable type torches and,
(4) LED type HS lamp instead of kerosene-based lamps.

Lohani even walked down the track on a full patrolling beat stretch of 2kms+2kms in adverse weather conditions, with patrolmen and closely monitored and experienced first-hand the tough task of patrolmen.

Inspections are conducted by teams of officers at the divisional level and at Headquarters level of different sections during the night for detection of any possible anomalies of track and signal conditions.

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Lohani wanted a close check on the equipment failures and ensuring quick restoration and correction of any failure. Intensified inspections are also conducted for increasing alertness level amongst the staff includig drivers, guards, station masters, cabin men and train maintenance teams. Read More

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