Railways planning a 200 kmph Delhi-Chandigarh train

Railways planning a 200 kmph Delhi-Chandigarh train

After successful launch of 160 kilometre per hour train service on Delhi-Agra corridor, railways is aiming at scaling the speed up to 200 kmph on Delhi-Chandigarh route with the French help to reduce the travel time.

The 245 km long Delhi-Chandigarh corridor, one of the busiest routes in northern India, is slated to be first semi-high speed project being taken up by railways to run train at maximum speed of 200 kmph.

Railways has identified nine high priority passenger corridors of total 6,400 km including Delhi-Agra, Delhi- Chandigarh to be upgraded to run semi-high speed train service. Delhi-Kanpur, Nagpur-Bilaspur, Mysore-Bengaluru-Chennai, Mumbai-Goa, Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Chennai-Hyderabad and Nagpur- Secunderabad routes have also been identified for raising the speeds of passenger trains to 160/200 kmph.

The aim is to reduce the travelling time considerably so it has been decided to upgrade the existing track for running trains at 200 kmph speed and French railways has been asked to prepare the draft document for it, he said.

According to a rough estimate, it is likely to cost over Rs10,000 crore with about Rs46 crore per kilometre for running trains at 200 kmph, which includes rolling stock, and signal and track upgradation on the Chandigarh corridor.

Currently, Shatabdi Express covers the 245 km distance in about three hours 30 minutes travelling at a maximum speed of 110 kmph. The 200 kmph speed will reduce the journey time to one hour 50 minutes with one stop at Ambala. Read More…



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