Railways Plans Faster Trains On Select High-Speed Corridors

Railways Plans Faster Trains On Select High-Speed Corridors

In a bid to run faster trains on select high-speed corridors, Indian Railways is working on new plans which is likely come by April this year.

The main idea behind this plan is to cut down on travel time of overnight journeys on short routes.

The Railways Ministry plans to announce the construction of 10,000 km of new high speed corridors. This rail network is expected to enable trains run at a speed of 200-250 kmph, according to ET.

The report also says that the government is trying to cut down the cost of construction of high speed tracks by less than half, from the current Rs 100 crore per kilometre by taking a number of measures.

As per the report, considerations are on for building single pillar, two track corridors on the top of national highways or building them on existing railway land. This is expected to cut down costs by a huge margin as expenditure on land acquisition would not be incurred at all. Read More…

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