Railways to upgrade 8,738 Stations by August 31

Railways to upgrade 8,738 Stations by August 31

The Indian Railways has said it will upgrade basic amenities at 8,738  stations by August 31. The efforts to upgrade the facilities could be a result of the stampede at Elphinstone Station in Mumbai. The incident, which happened in September last year, left 23 people dead.

The facilities that will be upgraded include coach guidance indicator boards, rooftop over platforms with solar panels, foot over-bridges that are 6-meter wide, ramps, one-third of urinals for women and automatic vending machines.

Separate waiting rooms will be created for senior citizens and differently-abled people. Railways has also listed stations into suburban stations, halt stations and non-suburban stations. There are 507 suburban stations, 2,326 halt stations, and the rest are non-urban stations.

The halt and non-suburban stations will soon have air cooling systems, insect, and flycatchers at waiting rooms, infant nursing cubicle at ladies waiting rooms. Roof shelters, hand-pumps for drinking water and dustbins every 50 metres will be made available at halt stations. Read More

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