Railways to withdraw ‘transfemale’ and ‘transmale’ options from reservation forms

Railways to withdraw ‘transfemale’ and ‘transmale’ options from reservation forms

Railways has rolled back its decision to identify transgender passengers as transfemale and transmale in the reservation forms. Going forward, the reservation forms will only have the option of ‘T’ to identify transgender people. The decision is said to have been taken as the present reservation form has created confusion among reservation clerks and travel ticket examiners while authenticating the passengers.

Presently, the paper ticket reservation form, which came into effect in May this year, provides an option for transgenders to mention their sex as T (M) – T (F) denoting transmale and transfemale respectively. A separate gender identity option for transpersons was introduced in the Railways in 2016. The new reservation form, which was received by the Southern Railway on Monday has removed gender option within the transgender category.

“The subcategory option has led to lot of confusion across the country. In a few cases, passengers, who choose the transfemale gender, got recorded as females while female passengers got marked as transfemales. Besides, gender identity of transfemale and transmale also get interchanged on some occasions,” said a senior railway official. Read More

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