Rajyarani Express to become independent train this month

Rajyarani Express to become independent train this month

Nilambur Amritha Rajyarani Express train would be converted to an independent train-‘Rajya Rani Express’- within one month. P V Abul Wahab MP said on Tuesday that the chairman of railway board, Aswani Lohani has promised that the Rajyarani Express would be run as an independent train this month itself.

“The shortage of railway coaches is the only hindrance in converting Rajyarani as an independent train at present. The executive director of Railways (Coaches) Mandeep Singh Bhattia has assured that the railway would supply the next batch of coaches from its factory to run Rajyarani as an independent train”, said MP in his Facebook post.

Recently Southern Railway had recommended to make the Rajyarani an independent train and to extend Amrita Express to Madurai considering increasing demand on the part of passengers and the proposal was submitted to the time table committee of Indian railways.

The national level time table committee has already approved the proposal for running the train independently. Read More

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