ReNew Power- The future of clean energy

ReNew Power- The future of clean energy

What is ReNew Power all about?

Did you know that as you are sitting and reading, using the internet you’re already contributing to global warming? Yes, because the machines that run to keep the electricity for your Internet going, 24/7, all around the year, are actually running on fossil fuels that are getting exhausted and is also releasing harmful gases into the environment. At this rate of global warming and exhaustion of fossil fuels, there is fear as to what the future of the world is going to be.

ReNew Power is here to solve exactly these pressing issues that the world in now facing, particularly in India. ReNew power relies on the inexhaustible energy sources which are cleaner and much safer from the environmental point of view. The company focuses on Solar and Wind energy and provided electricity through these means over other toxic, non-renewable conventional means of fossil fuels.

It develops, builds and undertakes electricity generation projects for commercial and industrial purposes through Solar power and wind energy. Read More

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