Renewable energy: Target likely to be missed by 55 GW

Renewable energy: Target likely to be missed by 55 GW

As India scrambles to implement its ambitious renewable energy (RE) plan for 2022, it is widely expected that the
175-GW target would be missed by around 55 GW. This is because notwithstanding the Union government’s attempts over the last five years to maximise the contribution of green energy to overall generation, several issues vital to the sector’s growth remain unresolved.

The figures for FY19 highlight some of these stumbling blocks. While the Centre issued around 58.7 GW of RE tenders and announced results for 24.5 GW capacity, tenders for 17.3 GW got cancelled, including 6.5 GW for which results had been announced. Further, 6.8 GW of tenders for which results were announced in FY19 were under-subscribed by 4.2 GW.

The fiscal saw RE capacity addition fall to 8.6 GW from 11.8 GW in FY18—the figure was 11.3 GW for FY17. As of March 31, India’s RE capacity stood at 77.6 GW, which included 35.3 GW of wind and  28.6 GW of solar capacity. Read More

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