Riverbed mining destroys rivers in Jhelum basin

Riverbed mining destroys rivers in Jhelum basin

Gone are the days when a poor man would go down to the river with donkeys to load sand and gravel and then sell it by the roadside to feed his family. The game is now of investment, political influence, permits, and destruction of riverbeds on a scale that has never been seen before.

River systems comprise not just the water flowing in it, but also the sediment, the silt, sand, gravel, cobbles, and boulders that flow with the river and are deposited along the river bed and banks. Moving the sediments, the rivers maintain diversity of habitats upon which the river’s living organisms depend. Aquatic insects and algae that are the main sources of food for the fish that breed and live in cobbles; the cobbles and boulders provide refuge for fish in winters and in floods and protect the young and smaller fish from predators. Read More…


Credit By :  The Third Pole

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