The role of biodiesel in curbing pollution

The role of biodiesel in curbing pollution

Rapidly increasing vehicular pollution and complete neglect by the authorities to take pollution-reduction measures over the past few decades have resulted in deterioration of ambient air quality across the country. A recent study by IIT Bombay states that “bad air resulted in 80,000 premature deaths in Mumbai and Delhi in 2015, and the economic burden was estimated about $10.7 billion.”

The government has started taking credible steps by stating its intentions to reduce crude imports by 10% and replacing the same by biofuels by 2022. It is backed by several initiatives by the ministry of petroleum and natural gas—5% ethanol and biodiesel blending; proposal to expedite introduction of Euro-VI fuels; and proposal to set up 12 second-generation (2G) ethanol plants in 11 states that would deal with agricultural waste burning which leads to smog. Biodiesel is one of the best and most economical options; however, states are required to actively participate to promote the green fuel.

At least eight premature deaths take place every day in Delhi due to pollution-related diseases, the Supreme Court noted while ordering the Centre to stop the use of furnace oil and petroleum coke (pet coke) by industries located in and around Delhi NCR. Read More…


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