Rs.11,421cr investments for basic urban infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh under Atal Mission (AMRUT)

Rs.11,421cr investments for basic urban infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh under Atal Mission (AMRUT)

Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), a total expenditure  of Rs.11,421 cr will be incurred in Uttar Pradesh on improving basic urban infrastructure in 61 cities and towns with a population of above one lakh each by 2019-20. To this effect, the Ministry of Urban Development has approved AMRUT Action Plans of Uttar Pradesh for the next three years i.e 2017-20 in one go involving an expenditure of Rs.4,239 cr. Annual Action Plans for 2015-16 and 2016-17 were earlier approved by the Ministry. Uttar Pradesh has got the highest investment in the country under Atal Mission.

Under AMRUT, launched on June 25, 2015 by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, providing water taps to all urban households and augmenting water supply to the level of 135 litres per capita per day is given first priority followed by sewerage and drainage networks, non-motorised urban transport and development of green and open spaces in 500 mission cities during the mission period of 2015-20.

For Uttar Pradesh, the Ministry has approved an investment of Rs.4,239cr during 2017-20 in the mission cities. This includes; Rs.1,996 cr in water supply projects in 46 cities and towns, Rs.2,149 cr in sewerage projects in 47 cities and Rs.94 cr for development of parks and open cities in 61 mission cities and towns. An expenditure of Rs.3,287cr for 2015-16 and Rs.3,895 cr for 2016-17 was earlier approved.With this, investments for the entire mission period stands approved for Uttar Pradesh under AMRUT.

A total central assistance of Rs.4,922cr has been approved for Uttar Pradesh for the five year mission period.      For Tamil Nadu, an investment of Rs.4,154cr for 2017-20 has been approved taking the total mission investments in 33 cities to Rs.11,237 cr. During the next three years, an expenditure of Rs.734 will be made in water supply projects, Rs.3,330cr in sewerage projects and Rs.90 cr on development of open spaces.

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Expenditure of Rs.3,249cr for 2015-16 and Rs.3,834 cr for 2016-17 was earlier approved for Tamil Nadu which will get a total central assistance of Rs.4,756 cr for the five year period. Read More…


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