Sambalpur adjudged best-performing rly division in August

Sambalpur adjudged best-performing rly division in August

The Sambalpur Railway Division has earned the top spot for performance among all 68 railway divisions of the country for August. The Ratlam Railway Division of Western Railways secured the second place and the Guntakal Railway Division of Southern Central Railways registered the third spot.

The performance of the divisions was based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) — a set of 55 criteria including mobility, safety, punctuality, infrastructure development and finance. The Railway Board evaluated the divisions and announced the results on Monday.

While the Sambalpur division, established in 1990, topped the list by securing 73.2 marks out of a total of 80 on the combined KPIs, the Ratlam division scored 73.1 and the Guntakal division got 72.1. Read More

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