Secret of Tamil Nadu’s energy: Wind & Water

Secret of Tamil Nadu’s energy: Wind & Water

From being a power deficient state, Tamil Nadu has risen to top the country in installed wind capacity, making it also one of the top states globally, behind only a few provinces in China and Texas in America, as a renewable energy generator.

A more diversified electricity generation mix will serve Tamil Nadu better, say experts. “New low cost solar capital additions and a major re-powering of Tamil Nadu’s wind projects, a concerted improvement in energy efficiency plus reduced transmission and distribution losses, should deliver more than 80% of all electricity demand growth in the coming decade,” said IEEFA’s Energy Finance Studies Australasia director Tim Buckley in an international study conducted by him. By adopting more green power, the discom will be able to operate profitably and at a lower tariff for consumers, said Buckley.

Wind power evacuation in Tamil Nadu has been the lowest this year as compared to the last three years. Data available with the state’s power utility Tangedco shows that the discom has evacuated only 5,790 million units of wind energy between April 1 and August 22 Read  More

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