How Secunderabad Station Got India’s First ‘Green’ Tag

How Secunderabad Station Got India’s First ‘Green’ Tag

From introducing high-speed trains to retro-fitting safer coaches, the Indian Railways has been taking a plethora of steps to revitalize itself and become future-ready. However, this project will remain incomplete until India gets railway stations that are not just high-capacity and well-connected, but also sustainable.

Simply put, a sustainable railway station is one that helps solve environmental challenges, rather than contributing to them. It is a station that’s operationally fit for the future, that is invested in the welfare of its workforce, and that is properly connected to the communities it serves.

In a ceremony held at Jaipur last week, the station officials of Secunderabad were presented a shield, a plaque and a silver rating certification (valid for three years) by Tai Lee Siang (Chairman) and Terri Wills (CEO) of World Green Building Council. Read More…

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